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Academy of Science and Music

The words that are underlined and in blue below are hyperlinks. If you click on a teacher's name or the word "webpage", it will take you to that teacher's email or webpage.
VE Resource 
Ms. Joyner's email (1st & 4th grades)  
 Ms. Grimes's email (Kind. & 2nd grades) Ms. Matz's email (1st & 3rd grades) 
Ms Reno's email (Kind. & 5th grades)
Resource Department  

Ms. Edward's email (Guidance)
Ms. Elledge's email (Media - part time)
Ms. Stiffler's email (Reading Coach)
Mr. Threadcraft (Music)

Office Staff

Ms. Castañeda's email (Media Clerk)
Ms. Hixon (Data Entry / Records)Ms. Minton's email (Assistant Principal)
Ms. Reis's email (Assistant Principal)
 (Office Assistant)   
Ms. Sapp's email (school nurse)
Ms. Shore's email (Principal) 
Ms. West's email (Bookkeeper)