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Student Software

fcat explorer

Practice Makes Progress! That’s why the Florida Department of Education built FCAT Explorer—to provide practice for helping your child make real progress on the skills needed in the classroom, on the FCAT, and in life.

FUN, EFFECTIVE, AND FREE FCAT Explorer is a set of free, Web-based practice programs. The content is built from the Sunshine State Standards that are tested on the FCAT. Kids can practice by themselves because the programs give them corrective feedback and learning guidance.

FCAT Explorer
Link: www.fcatexplorer.com

Login information:  username:  Last Name + First Initial (no spaces)
                          password:  16 + first 4 letters of last name +
                                          birth month and birth day (no spaces)

Support:  Kathy Hart (904)348-7126  or email hartk@duvalschools.org

Parent Resources: Click here to access the Parent flyer

online leveled readers- Elementary Only
All DCPS elementary students have access to online leveled readers.  This website has over a thousand books that are aligned to your child's reading level.  All you have to do is log on.  The online readers are a part of the Houghton Mifflin reading series.

Link:  www.eduplace.com/eservices

Login information:  
Obtain login information from your teacher or call 924-3722

Explore Learning – Gizmos

Math and Science Gizmos are designed to help students develop a deep and lasting understanding of key concepts in math and science through inquiry and exploration. 

Gizmos provide our students with over 450 math and science web-based manipulatives.

The activities are designed as supplemental curriculum materials that support state and national curriculum standards. 

Link:  http://www.explorelearning.com/

Login information:  Obtain login information from your teacher.

Support:  Jane Owen, Project Manager/Trainer, ExploreLearning/Gizmos e-mail jowen@explorelearning.com

Parent Resources: Click here to access the Parent flyer

Microsoft Office & Windows Upgrade


The Enrollment for Education Solutions agreement between Microsoft and Duval County Public Schools provides each student a single license for home use of both Microsoft Windows Upgrade and Microsoft Office Professional Plus. Please use the assigned Student Login and Password to access the portal to download software.

Link:  http://ssw.duvalschools.org

Download Information: Click here to access instructions

Note: Duval County Public Schools does not provide support for installing software on home computers.  Phould assistance be required, please use the standard Microsoft support website, http://support.microsoft.com.  Installation of Windows on a Macintosh computer requires purchase of the optional physical media in order to perform the installation.