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~History of Jean Ribault High School~
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Ribault Senior High School was opened in September 1957 as Lake Forest Junior-Senior High School with grades seven through twelve.  In November 1957 the school was officially named Ribault Senior High School.
The school opened with a student body of approximately 1400 although it was to accommodate 1200.  the facilities to accommodated these students consisted of the "A" and "B" wing, a small library, an administrative wing and a cafeteria.
The second year Ribault had a student body totaling over 2000, thus making it imperative to have multiple sessions.  Some classes began at seven in the morning and the last session of classes at five.
The play area for physical education classes, athletic activities, and band practice consisted of nothing but sand dunes.  Nevertheless, classes were held, the band practiced, and preparations for interscholastic activities began on schedule.
A committee composed of several faculty members and a number of students was formed.  Possible color combinations and slogans were selected.  These selections were given to the student body for a vote and as a result, we became the blue and white Ribault Trojans.