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Dual Enrollment

What is Dual Enrollment?
Dual enrollment is an acceleration mechanism that allows student to pursue an advanced curriculum relevant to their postsecondary interests.  Dual enrollment provides high school students the opportunity to earn college credit while simultaneously earning high school credit through dual enrollment.  Colleges and universities that offer dual enrollment courses to Duval County Public School students must do so by way of an articulation agreement, which describes the parameters for which the students may participate.  Under the umbrella of dual enrollment, there are several options for students:  (1) college courses taken at the college/university campuses; (2) college courses taught by credentialed high school teachers offered at DCPS high schools; (3) FSCJ Early College ; (4)FSCJ Early Admission.

Advantages and Cautions of Dual Enrollment:
There are several benefits for eligible students taking dual enrollment courses.  Dual enrollment participation provides the opportunity for accelerated skill development curve with the increase in rigor and challenge of course work.  Dual enrollment can help students accelerate educational goals, experience resources and activities as a college student, earn college credit, and significantly reduce college tuition.  Additionally, students may receive favorable consideration in the college admission process and more likely to graduate with academic honors, earn a higher grade point average (GPA), graduate within four years and be accepted into a graduate program.  Students should be appropriately advised regarding the importance of taking dual enrollment seriously.  Dual enrollment participation impacts the student's college grade point average and begins a permanent college transcript.  Students are treated as independent college students and their college records and progress are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

​Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ)

Courses offered at Terry Parker:

  • Strategies for Success in College, Career and Life: SLS1103

Courses offered at FSCJ:
*DCPS students are permitted to take a maximum of 2 classes at the college campus or online, unless they are a senior that has qualified for and is participating in the Early Admission program for both the fall and spring.*

  • Humanities
    • ARH2000, PHI2010, LIT2000
  • Mathematics
    • MAC1105, MGF1106, MGF1107, MAC2311, STA2023
  • Natural Sciences
    • BSC1005, BSC2010C, BSC2085C, CHM1020, CHM2045C, ESC1000, EVR1001, PHY1020C, PHY2048C, PHY2053C
  • Social/Behavioral Sciences
    • AMH2020, AMH2010, POS2041, ANT2000, SYG2000, PSY1012, ECO2013

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU)

Courses offered at Terry Parker:

  • ​Principles of Aeronautics ASC1000
  • Unmanned Aircraft ASC2560

Edward Waters College (EWC)

Courses offered at Terry Parker:

  • ​Strategies for Success in College, Career and Life: SLS1103
  • English Composition I: ENC1101
  • Composition: ENC1102
  • Finite Math: MGF1107
  • College Algebra: MAC1105
  • Hon/Elementary Statistics: STA2023

Dual Enrollment Information and Forms

 ·        FSCJ Dual Enrollment Eligibility Requirements 2016-2017


·         FSCJ Dual Enrollment Program Application


·         FSCJ Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement


·         EWC Application