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Keep Our Schools Safe!

DCPS 348-SAFE Hotline

Call or Text:      (904) 348-SAFE (7233)

Email:    348safe@duvalschools.org

Why do we need a safety hotline?

As we are committed to providing secure campus environments conducive to learning, the 348SAFE hotline is an additional strategy in keeping our schools safe. The 348SAFE hotline is available for anyone, including parents and students to anonymously call or email about potential threats to a DCPS school campus or on a bus.

How does the safety hotline work?

When you call the 348SAFE hotline, you will be able to report any information that could have a negative impact on the safety of our students, school staff or school property. Duval County School Police will monitor 24 hours a day, seven days a week regarding potential threats or incidents that have already occurred. School Police will ask for critical information pertaining to the incident such as location, time, and individuals involved. Here are some examples:
  • Violence – Assaults, Planned Altercations, Major Fights
  • Weapons and Firearms
Who can call 348-SAFE? 
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • School staff
  • Parents
  • Administrators
  • Community member