• Financial Transparency

    To give our community a clear view of how we operate and how your tax dollars are spent, we have posted comprehensive financial information to our website. 

    Our operational information is organized in two sections, one comprising all budget reporting and a second comprising financial reports and audits. We also provide a special section of our website for all the details regarding the voluntary half-penny sales surtax approved by voters in 2020. 

    Budget Information

    Visit the Budget Services site for Final Budget Summaries, Monthly Budget Amendment Detail, and more related to the district's budget.


    Financial Reports and Audits

    Visit Business Services for Comprehensive Annual Financial reports, State of Florida Auditor General reports, Lottery reports, and more related to finanical reporting. 


    Half-Penny Sales Tax

    Visit the special web site set up to track the implementation of the district's master facilities plan and collections and expenditures of the voter-approved, voluntary half-penny sales surtax. Duval voters overwhelmingly approved this special revenue stream for improving school facilities in November, 2020, with 67% of voters supporting the referendum. Expenditure of this revenue is monitored by an independent citizen oversight committee

    To place the referendum on the ballot in 2020, the district was required to undergo a special audit by the State of Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA).  OPPAGA issued that Performance Audit Final Report on Aug. 28, 2020. 


    Financial Transparency Dashboard

    For summaries and comparative graphic displays for the district and its schools, see the Financial Transparency Dashboard