Hello Flamingo Family!

    I am honored and humbled to be Principal of Sabal Palm Elementary School. I am thrilled to be part of such a vibrant and welcoming community. I am already impressed by our Flamingo Family mindset, and the passion, dedication, and commitment to every child that resonates within Sabal Palm.

    Our goal at Sabal Palm Elementary is to remain Child Centered and Purpose Driven. As a Flamingo Family, we do this through our supportive and nurturing environment, delivering rigorous learning experiences to meet the needs of all students. My vision for Sabal Palm Elementary School is to build upon its already outstanding reputation and ensure that every student continues to thrive in a supportive, engaging, and inclusive learning environment.

    I am a firm believer in the adage, it takes a village, and parents are a critical role in our village. I encourage parents to find opportunities this school year to become more involved in our school – volunteering in the classroom, becoming a PTA/SAC member, agreeing to be a lunch monitor daily, having lunch with your child, are all ways in which you can help support your child’s time at Sabal Palm. In addition to fostering the partnerships between school and home, I am committed to working closely with all stakeholders and community groups to create a shared vision for success for our students here at Sabal Palm.

    At Sabal Palm Elementary, we will continue to remain Child Centered and Purpose Driven. Our focus will be to promote academic excellence through community engagement opportunities this school year. We want our students to know learning can be fun and we want them to share their learning experiences with the community throughout the school year.

    Thank you again for this opportunity to lead an exceptional school, and I look forward to meeting everyone at one of our many engagements we look to have this school year. As a Flamingo Family, we can embark on this journey of change together.

    With Gratitude,