• Principal Kimberly Jennings 

    Greetings TEAM Wildcats!


    My vision as the Principal of Woodland Acres is to inspire and elevate a team of teachers, faculty, and staff to instill JUSTICE, EQUITY, DIVERSITY, and INCLUSION into every aspect of teaching and learning so ALL children and their families of Woodland Acres feel safe, loved accepted and seen. 

    My experiences as an educator have given me the opportunities to work with culturally diverse student and community populations that have included second language learners, students with disabilities and a high percentage of free and reduced lunch.  This has allowed me to recognize and address the specific challenges and barriers teachers faced and I learned to make data-informed decisions and apply research-based strategies to meet the specific needs of my students. 

    I have learned that instructional leadership looks like clear goals and expectations that focuses on teaching and learning so that both student and teacher excel in and out of the classroom. 

    The focus on learning looks like a collective and shared vision that is data driven to ensure that our goals and expectations are met, not just academically, but socially and emotionally so that our teaching and learning reflect the content intellect as well as the emotional intellect. 

    The student learning looks like high levels of student engagement that is student centered so the students know what they are learning and why; and the students are engaged in their own successes, interests and skills in the learning process that promotes student agency. 

    Student behavior looks like teachable moments that include best instructional practices so that the students are responsible for their own learning as well as their own behavior. 

    And none of this can be done without the community relationships and communication that will be based on trust, collaboration, and teamwork, creating a community of learners that support one another. 

    And as a result, the data will show GROWTH and we will celebrate and recognize the successes of our students as well as our teachers.  

    I look forward to working with you and your students, through supporting the teachers, families and students of Woodland Acres and building a partnership with the community.


    Kimberly Jennings

    JEDI Leader