• Charter Schools

  • Charter schools are public schools that operate on a performance contract, or “charter,” with the Duval County School Board and are intended to expand school choice options for students.

    • Accountable for academic and financial results.
    • Hire certified teachers. Charter school teachers are not Duval County Public Schools employees.
    • Assigned a school grade using the same standards and criteria as traditional public schools
    • Open to all students in the state under the controlled open enrollment plan. A lottery is used for admission when applications exceed available openings. Charter schools must ensure that transportation is not a barrier to equal access for all students residing within a reasonable distance of the charter school. 

    Duval County has 44 charter schools serving grades kindergarten thru twelfth grade.  Each charter school has its own governing board that oversees the operation of the charter school and handles all formal charter school complaints.

    Parents interested in information about a charter school should contact the charter school directly or visit the charter school's website.




Charter schools in Duval County

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