Visual and Performing Arts

  • A strong Performing Arts program is crucial for a student’s self-expression and creative development. We believe that being well-versed in the arts enhances all aspects of a student’s education, and we strive to provide the highest-quality instruction possible for our students. We want our students to thrive in all areas of their education, and the Performing Arts is no different.

    The school(s) listed below specialize in our Visual and Performing Arts Choice Program.

Elementary Schools

  • Anchor Academy
  • Annie R. Morgan
  • Arlington
  • Biscayne
  • Fishweir
  • Greenland Pines
  • Hyde Grove Early Learning
  • Lake Lucina
  • Long Branch
  • Pine Forest
  • Sabal Palm
  • Seabreeze

Middle Schools

  • Fort Caroline
  • Kernan
  • Landmark
  • LaVilla School of the Arts

High Schools

  • Douglas Anderson School of the Arts
  • William M. Raines