Degrees and Certifications:

Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival Procedures

ALL students will report DIRECTLY to their 1st period class upon arriving on campus. Students will be checked for uniform compliance as we are a uniform school. There will be NO gathering in the hallways or common areas. Once you enter the classroom you will not be permitted to leave.

8th grade bus riders will walk down the long sidewalk to the 8th grade building. They should NOT enter the main building for any reason. 8th grade walkers and car riders will enter the main building through double doors on gym side and walk down the long sidewalk to the 8th grade building.

All car riders will enter the main building through double doors on gym side during arrival/dismissal.

8th graders will walk up the MIDDLE staircase. There should be NO students in the side stairwells

Drop-off and Pick-up Times and Procedures

 Instructions begin each morning at 9:30 AM. We realize that our working families may be on a “tight schedule” in the mornings. However, we request that parents drop students off no earlier than 9:05 AM   unless the student is Enrolled in Extended Day. Any student on campus before 9:05 MUST be registered for our before school program. Students are not allowed on campus prior to 9:00AM. ALL students must always be monitored. Students arriving prior to 9:00AM must enroll in morning school or will be considered trespassing.


Any student arriving after 9:30AM will be considered tardy. A note or telephone call by the parents will determine if the tardiness is excused or unexcused. Any student arriving after 9:30AM must be accompanied by an adult and checked in at the Main Office. All students must enter through the main office.


Dismissal time is at 4:15 PM. Students may NOT be checked-out between 3:30 and 4:15PM. On Early Release Days students may NOT be permitted to be checked out any time after 1:30PM. This policy will only be adjusted in the case of an emergency and only to be determined by school administration/leadership


CAR DROP-OFF/PICK-UP: Parents/guardians should be extremely cautious when driving through our parking lot. Students being picked up will wait, with their teachers, in the designated area. Students should not cross in front of cars to get out of or into their car.


ALL VEHICLES should line up single file, entering the property and pull up to the gym entrance. All parents/guardians need to remain in their vehicles while in the car-loading zone.

Early Dismissal
The early release of students causes disruption to the academic performance of all students and may create safety and security concerns. Students may be signed out from school early by a parent or guardian if there is an emergency that cannot wait until after school.

Following Lake Shore Attendance Policy, no student maybe signed out school after 3:30pm or (1:30pm on Early Release)

Bus Dismissal

Wave dismissal Order:
Walkers and Car riders
1st Bus Wave

2nd Bus Wave

Final Bus Wave & Team Up/ Sports/Tutoring

**Once you leave you will NOT be allowed back in the building. Students will stay quiet and seated, so everyone can hear the bus numbers being called.


Do NOT leave the classroom until the announcer is done speaking AND your teacher permits you to leave.

If your bus has still not arrived for final wave or if you are in team up, tutoring, or sports your teacher will walk you to the cafeteria. You will sit at designated tables (bus #, team up, tutoring, sports groups, etc.).