• James Weldon Johnson is a dedicated magnet school offering two tracks:
    • Academically Talented
    • Gifted
    When filling out a magnet application, you must select only one of these tracks.  If you apply for both your application may be rejected by the magnet office. You can only apply for the gifted track if your student has been certified as gifted by DCPS, otherwise, you must apply for the academically talented track.  Both tracks have similar curricula and course progressions, because JWJ only offers advanced courses. Students at JWJ must maintain a 2.0 GPA in either program to keep their magnet seat, and must pass all classes, including electives, to be promoted.
    We have program continuity to (we feed to these high schools): Paxon School for Advanced Studies, Stanton College Prep, and Samuel W. Wolfson High School. 
    Courses offered for high school credit:
    • Geometry
    • Biology
    • Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, and Chinese)
    To achieve a high level of success, a JWJ student should have the following characteristics:
    • Highly motivated
    • Organized
    • Self-disciplined
    • Inquisitive, desires to acquire knowledge
    • Uses time wisely, has time management skills
    • Enjoys challenges
    • Accepts responsibility and consequences for their actions
    • Works independently as well as cooperatively in small groups
    • Possesses good study habits
    • Plans and completes tasks on schedule
    • Respects self and others