• LOADING & UNLOADING will be in the front of the Administration building/Main office on Norman E. Thagard Blvd.
    • DROP OFF & PICK UP will be out back in the large parking lot located on the east side of campus at the corner of Norman E. Thagard Blvd. and Melson Ave.
    • To decrease traffic congestion and promote safety, cars will enter from Norman E. Thagard Blvd. and exit onto Melson Ave turning south toward Commonwealth Ave. and Beaver St.
    • PLEASE do NOT drop your children off at the curb or in the middle of the street. This is a major safety concern and slows the flow of traffic.
    Please do NOT drop your children off before 7:40am.  We do NOT have supervision for children who are dropped earlier than 7:40am.  If you do need supervision, please contact Mr. Daniels, Enrichment Director, at 904-693-7600 extension 108.
    • REPORT IMMEDIATELY TO 1ST PERIOD or to the cafe for breakfast upon arrival. If you are not going to and from the cafe, you should be in your first period class of the day
    • REMAIN IN THEIR LAST PERIOD CLASS DURING DISMISSAL as our school uses a wave dismissal process. Car riders/walkers, enrichment students, and students staying for after school activities will be released separately by group. Bus riders will be released when their number is called. All dismissals will occur between 2:50-3:10 over the loud speaker.