•        Athletic Director                      Athletics 2021-2022

          Godfrey Story Jr. M.S.M                                                                            Middle School Sports      

                  Athletic Director  




     FOOTBALL  Schedule

    Head Coach: Godfrey Story

    Assistant Coach – Keyon Hudson    

    Assistant Coach – Jon Kee     

    Assistant Coach – Keith Stallings

    VOLLEYBALL  Schedule

    Head Coach - Shekinah Gibson

    Assistant Coach – Sha’Rhonda Walker

     BASKETBALL  Schedule

    Head Coach - Jesse Schuster(B)

                           Mark Kelley(G)

    Assistant Coach – John Roberts(B)


    SOCCER (G)  Schedule 

    Head Coach - Angelo Dimitrakopoulos

    Assistant Coach – TBA

    SOCCER (B)  Schedule

    Head Coach - TBA

    Assistant Coach – Michael Freeman

    TRACK  Schedule

    Head Coach(B) – Darryl Wright

    Head Coach(G) – Mark Kelley

    Assistant Coach(G) – Candice Jones

    Baseball(B) & SOFTBALL(G) Schedule 

    Baseball Head Coach – Tom Darga 

    Baseball Assistant Coach – John Roberts

    Softball Head Coach – Jon Kee

    Softball Assistant Coach – TBA

    SWIMMING Schedule 

    Head Coach(B) – Amanda Stein

    Head Coach(G) – Jessica Watkins-May





      Sports Physicals are the number one reason students are ineligible to participate in school sports. School physicals are not accepted to play a sport.
      Forms must be signed and compled by the parent or guardian to participate.   All sports are open to students in grades 6 through 8. 

                                            ATHLETES CANNOT BE 15 YEARS OF AGE PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER 1, 2020.

         To play a sport you must:

    • have a physical form signed by a doctor & parents within the last calendar year,
    • have health insurance,
    • have a Consent and Liability Release Forms on file.
    • have a GPA of 2.0

    Please note:  All tryouts and practices are CLOSED to parents or spectators.