• Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

    Arrival Procedures

    • Supervision for students begin at 8:30 AM. Students may not enter the building before this time.  If you need childcare before this time, please contact the Extended Day Office.
    • Therefore, in order to ensure your child’s safety, students should not arrive to school prior to 8:30 AM each day. Students who arrive before the specified time will:

    (1)    Receive a verbal warning from the principal

    (2)    Receive a written warning followed by a phone call to the parent

    (3)    Principal will notify the Department of Children and Families for parental negligence

    • Car riders will enter through the side door through the carpool loop.  All walkers and bus riders will enter through the front door. Upon arrival, kindergarten and first grade students will report to the hallway outside their classroom. Fifth grade will report to the media center. Second, third, and fourth grade students will report immediately to the cafeteria, where they will eat breakfast, and wait for their teachers to pick them up at 8:55 AM.
    • THIS IS A CHANGE: As an increased safety measure, after the first week of school, parents ARE NOT allowed to walk students to class unless they have an appointment or conference scheduled with the teacher.


    Dismissal Procedures

    • Afternoon dismissal begins for students at 3:25 PM, with the dismissal of walkers.  All walkers will proceed to the front of the school where parents will wait for them there.  All parents picking up walkers must have a Venetia hang-tag.  All parents without a tag will be directed to the front office.  At 3:30 PM, carpool and bus students will be dismissed.  Buses will be called one at a time and students will be checked off on a list to take bus attendance.  Students will load buses in an orderly manner, supervised by adults on duty.
    • Car Riders will be dismissed to the cafeteria area, where they will be dismissed by adults on duty.  All parents using the carpool line must have a Venetia hang tag.  Please see the information below for details regarding the Venetia hang tags.


     As an increased safety measure and an effort to reduce wait time in the student pick-up area, the outlined procedures should be followed:

    • Each family will be provided with a Venetia car hanger during Orientation and/or Open House. 
    • Your child’s first and last name as well as grade level should be printed on the car hanger in large block letters with a permanent black marker. 
    • The car hanger, with the child’s name, should be placed on the rear view mirror of the vehicle when picking a student up after school.
    • As cars approach the student pick-up area, an assigned adult will alert the student by calling his/her name.  The student will proceed to the designated boarding area to be dismissed.  Please refrain from blowing your horn to get your child’s attention.  
    • The car hangers have been provided to us by local businesses.  Please keep them in a safe place for daily use.  Cars without hangers will have to park & report to the main office to pick-up your child.  Replacement car hangers may be obtained in the main office for $1.  The parent or guardian can also can purchase additional tag(s) for other family members.


    ***Changes to Transportation Home***

    Please note that any changes to transportation home MUST be made in writing.  We will not accept phone calls for changes in ways that students go home.


    There is a 100% ID check in the front office. Your ID will be swiped with the new Visitor Management System. Always have your ID available to present when checking out students. No Paper IDs allowed.



    Students who remain after the specified dismissal time will:

    (1)  Receive a verbal warning from the principal

    (2)  Receive a written warning followed by a phone call to the parent

    (3)  Principal will notify the Department of Children and Families for parental negligence