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    Academically Talented Arts School

    The District has established innovative programs and offerings in neighborhood schools, making them good options for students. Our school choice program is Academically Talented Arts School

    Our programs offer instructional delivery systems specifically designed for an academically challenging and rigorous program. Lesson development considers the various ways talented students think. Instruction occurs on a deeper level, but is differentiated contingent on student needs. We utilize a myriad of questioning skills, model higher level thinking skills, facilitate collaborative discussions and also delve into deeper cognitive complexity through collaborative and individual projects. Our elementary program focuses on differentiating the curriculum to accommodate the needs of academically talented students. Students begin to learn research skills at the primary level and continually grow and utilize these skills to present new information in a project-based format. Students propose a variety of solutions to real world problems using creative problem solving. A variety of products and performances are developed by each student as a creative way to show their knowledge.

    Enterprise Learning Academy offers before, during and afterschool programs. Our afterschool clubs change yearly depending on teacher support, parent volunteers and student interest. If you are interested in sponsoring a club or for more information on student clubs and activities, please contact our front office.

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