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    Andrew Robinson Elementary - S.T.E.A.M. Magnet School
    Andrew Robinson has an active magnet program with an emphasis in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Students in the magnet program receive program continuity to Kirby Smith Middle School.
    Resources Available - Engineering Lab Classes, Elementary Robotics Team, Math Lab Classes
    In addition to the magnet program, Robinson is a part of the 21st century technology grant QZAB. Through this program, electronic devices are used in the classroom to increase student achievement in Reading. 
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    Partnership with Duval County Public Schools and University of North Florida


    Professional Development School Network Vision

    A shared commitment to innovative and reflective practice in order to recruit, prepare and retain world class educators through a culture of inquiry.


    9 Required Essentials for Professional Development Schools

    Developed by The National Association for Professional Development Schools

    • A comprehensive mission that is broader in its outreach and scope than the mission of any partner and that furthers the education profession and its responsibility to advance equity within schools and, by potential extension, the broader community;
    • A school-university culture committed to the preparation of future educators that embraces their active engagement in the school community;
    • Ongoing and reciprocal professional development for all participants guided by need;  
    • A shared commitment to innovative and reflective practice by all participants;
    • Engagement in and public sharing of the results of deliberate investigations of practice by respective participants;
    • An articulation agreement developed by the respective participants delineating the roles and responsibilities of all involved;
    • A structure that allows all participants a forum for ongoing governance, reflection, and collaboration;
    • Work by college/university faculty and P-12 faculty in formal roles across institutional settings; and
    • Dedicated and shared resources and formal rewards and recognition structures.
    Components of the Programs
    1. Jacksonville Teacher Residency Program (JTR) - UNF students train under master teachers in a year long residency to develop skills necessary to become effective teachers in the classroom.
    2. Field I Pre-Internship Program - UNF students spend 4-6 hours per week each semester in a designated classroom as a part of the intorduction to teaching course. 
    3. Differentiating Literacy Instruction Tutoring Program - UNF students provide one on one tutoring in first grade class rooms for 30 minutes each week in the area of reading. 
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