• Our PTA Staff!

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    Parent Teacher Association

    Parent Involvement Plan copies are available in the Parent Involvement Rescource Room.

    Become a volunteer! Learn how to volunteer at the District Volunteer site.


    Join PTA today! Together, we can ensure the success of our children. For more information, call (904) 630-6790 or visit the front office.



    • Making Every Child’s Potential a Reality!



    • To Be A Powerful Voice For ALL CHILDREN

    • To Be A Relevant Resource For Families & Communities

    • To Be A Strong Advocate For The Education & Well-Being Of Every Child


    • To Promote The Welfare Of Children & Youth In The Home, School, Community, & Place of Worship

    • To Raise The Standard Of Home-Life

    • To Secure Laws For The Care & Protection Of Children & Youth

    • To Bring Into Closer Relation The Home & The School, That Parents & Teachers May Cooperate Intelligently In The Education Of Children & Youth

    • To Develop, Between Educators & The General Public, Such United Efforts As Will Secure For All Children & Youth The Highest Advantages In Physical, Mental, Social & Spiritual Education.

    Information about PTA taken from the Florida PTA website