• To really understand your subject, try thinking like a curator. That's the idea behind Ortega Elementary School's innovative Museum Studies program. This mindset provides a non-traditional but highly effective lens through which students can view, experience, and learn about the world around them.
    Ortega Elementary has developed close working relationships with seven of the area's most prominent museums, plus the University of North Florida. Through these and other collaborations, students learn how museums and galleries operate, how they are managed, and how displays are created-not in an effort to train future curators but as a framework for learning about the world. 
    The learning process deepens as they create grade-level exhibitions and performance pieces of their own. This framework applies to traditional topics like history, science, social studies, language, technology, literature, art and music. As a result, students delve deep into units of study that correlate with existing state and county standards.
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    For more information about our magnet program or to schedule a tour, please contact Michelle Tibbits at 904.381.7460.