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    Northwestern TEAM-UP Program Fall Schedule

    4:15-4:30- Snack & Credo

    4:30-5:15- Enrichment/Activities (Arts, step, sports, games)

    5:15-6:30- Academic classes (Science, Math, Language Arts)


    Northwestern TEAM-UP Program Spring Schedule

    4:15-4:30- Snack & Credo

    4:30-5:15 Academic classes (Science, Math, Language Arts)

    5:15-6:30- Enrichment/Activities (Culinary, Arts, dance, games)


    Project-based learning initiative- Students participate in hands-on learning linked to learning objectives.

    -Solar go-cart project

    -Student poetry/book publishing

    -Analyzing real life budgets

    Student/parent involvement

    -Knots 4 Kids

    -Literacy Fair

    Student grade recovery

    Team-up works closely with students day time instructors to create a plan to support students and their grades during the day. Team-up provides after school tutoring and assistance to accommodate student learning deficiencies.

    Fieldtrips & Learning opportunities 

    -Skate world

    -Florida Times Union

    -Solar Energy Research
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