Why school uniforms?
    Students must follow the dress code in the Student Code of Conduct. However, John Love Early Learning Center strongly encourages students to wear school uniforms.



    uniform shirts


    Here's why:


    • School uniforms costs less as compared to preferred trendier brands.
    • Students have less time to prepare and get ready for school in the morning.
    • School uniforms keep students focused on their education, not their clothes.
    • School uniforms may improve student’s attendance and punctuality.
    • School uniforms enhance school pride.
    • School uniforms decreases the possibility of violence within the school premises.
    • Students can express their individuality by introducing variations and adding accessories.
    • The money saved can be used to buy more outfits to wear after school and weekends.
    John Love Uniforms
    Black, Royal Blue or Gold
    Collared polo-style shirts
     Khaki, Navy Blue or Black
    pants/shorts (appropriate length)
    Shoes without closed heels or back straps should not be worn. 
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