• Biomedical Sciences Academy
  • Is "BIO" part of your life plan?

    Biology, bio-chem, bio-med, marine biology, molecular biology and much more academic and career paths abound for students with a passion for the study of living organisms and their systems. If bio is a big part of your future, let your future begin now.

Crime Scene Investigation
Students in Bio lab class
Bio Lab testing
  • Biomedical Science Courses at Darnell Cookman

    Working in state-of-the-art biomedical labs at the Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts in Biomedical Science Courses, you will:

    • Learn to investigate causes of death with autopsy reports and medical history.
    • Practice diagnosing disease and proposing medical treatments and healthy lifestyle choices.
    • Discover the world of forensics through electrophoresis, microscopy, and centrifugation.
    • Prepare for the Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam from the Center for Excellence for Regenerative Health Biotechnology at the University of Florida.
    • Become immersed in biomedical technology through field trips, guest speakers, job shadowing and work experiences through our bio tech and medical employer partners.


    Why wait for college to explore your passion for all things bio? 

    Enrollment in our Biomedical Sciences Academy will add more purpose to your high school experience and give you a head start toward your college and career goals.

    Space is limited. To enroll or get more information, contact your school counselor.

    The Biomedical Sciences Academy is a Duval County Public Schools Career and Technical Education Program.