• This school incorporates project based learning and enrichment with prescriptive structured language instruction and interventions.   The classroom academics are hands-on, and multi-sensory in order to best reach our students.  Academic support is provided in a push in model for most students eliminating the need to be pulled out of the regular education classroom.  The interventions are Orton-Gillingham based, which is the only research supported method to show strong results with students who meet the dyslexic profile.
    In order to be found eligible to attend GRASP students must meet criteria that demonstrate a student has unmet potential and signs of dyslexia.  We are looking for students who are a best fit for our model and interventions: students who would thrive at GRASP.  This school is a public choice school offered by Duval County Public Schools.
    Our school serves a diverse student body including gifted students, students with IEPs, students with 504 plans, and general education students.