As we embark on a new school year, I am reminded of a quote by Zig Zigler “It’s your attitude not your aptitude that will determine your altitude”. Our theme for the 20-21 school year is “The Sky is the Limit”. We want our students to reach their fullest potential by keeping a positive attitude and giving every challenge their absolute best without letting anything stand in the way of them reaching their goals.

    We strive to make BSE a safe place to learn and grow. We are committed to providing students with instruction that best meets their needs, both collectively and individually. We will support the social and emotional well-being of all to create an environment conducive to learning. Thank you for the many ways you continue to support us. We could not do it without you. This year, the sky is truly the limit and we look forward to seeing our students soar!

    Cynthia Bartley
    Ms. Stacy Bradley
    As we prepare for a new school year, remember, “The Sky is the Limit” here at BSE.  We will continue to engage students in data-driven instruction that inspires and promotes leadership within them while taking into account their individual needs.

    We want to make sure BSE is a safe place to learn and an environment that encourages all students to be life-long learners.  As the school year begins and different challenges arise, all of us, the school, and the community, must work together as an extended family to ensure success for all of our students. It is our responsibility to work together to give children the opportunity to SOAR…At BSE the sky is truly the limit!

    Stacy Bradley