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    The Gifted Program
    The Gifted Program is an enrichment curriculum to stimulate and encourage creative learning for students.  Students in Gifted Class have unique opportunities to receive a participatory and experimental approach to learning.  The students achieve hands on levels of learning and knowledge not available in text books.  
    In order for a child to be in the Gifted Program, they must be first recommended to the Guidance office by their teacher or parents can request testing.  Your child's homeroom teacher is your first point of contact at the school.  Once they are recommended,  they will be tested to see if they qualify for gifted services. 


    Gifted Grade Level Schedule 2020-2021

    Monday - 4th grade
    Tuesday - 2nd and 3rd grades  
    Wednesday - 5th grade 
    Thursday - 5th grade
    Friday - 1st grade