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       Enterprise Learning Academy (ELA) Choice Program:  

    Theme: Academically Talented Arts School

      The District has established innovative programs and offerings in neighborhood schools, making them good options for students. Our school choice program is Academically Talented Arts School.


    What does school choice mean to Enterprise?

    •Each school in Duval County has an academic theme that is to be integrated into the curriculum and culture of the school and will brand the school as a unique option for parents and their students.

    •Definition of Academically Talented Theme: The Academically Talented Arts Program offers students an enriched academic learning experience through exposure to a variety of fields of knowledge. These programs nurture and stimulate the academic strengths and talents of all children while meeting their unique learning needs through a wide range of activities which allow for critical thinking across contents, conduct thoughtful research, think creatively, and develop individual potential.


    M – Mastering Basic Foundational Skills via Arts
    A – A Global Citizen 
    N –  New Ideas for our Community 
    A – Advancing College and Career Readiness Skills 
    T – Teaching Leadership through Academics 
    E – Experimenting with the Arts 
    E – Everyone Educates with the Arts


    Enterprise Message:

    The sky is the limit when it comes to what students experience in the Academically Talented Arts School choice option program. While we are not a “Magnet” school, we provide a supplemental program to enhance our students’ educational experience!


    At every grade level, students utilize critical thinking and a variety of strategies to engage in the learning process. To ensure we are teaching the whole child, students engage in music and art twice a week and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of art and music clubs.


    Our programs offer instructional delivery systems specifically designed for an academically challenging and rigorous program. Lesson development considers the various ways talented students think. Instruction occurs on a deeper level, but is differentiated contingent on student needs. We utilize a myriad of questioning skills, model higher level thinking skills, facilitate collaborative discussions and also delve into deeper cognitive complexity through collaborative and individual projects.


    The elementary program focuses on differentiating the curriculum to accommodate the needs of academically talented students. Students begin to learn research skills at the primary level and continually grow and utilize these skills to present new information in a project-based format. Students propose a variety of solutions to real world problems using creative problem solving. A variety of products and performances are developed by each student as a creative way to show their knowledge.


    Enterprise Learning Academy Technology Mission Statement:

    By being a M.A.N.A.T.E.E students at Enterprise Learning Academy experience a culture of learning and exploring through the use of Arts.


    Manatee Slogan for Success


    M – Manatees

    A – Are

    N – Noble

    A – Accountable

    T – Trustworthy

    E – Excellent

    E – Engaged

    S – Students

    Apply Here:  https://dcps.duvalschools.org/enroll.