• Wolfson HS Summer Reading
    Get ahead on a great school year by keeping up with your summer reading assignments!
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Is summer reading required for all students?
    YES! All summer reading assignments are by grade level and will be due to your ELA teacher on the first day of school.  Every student is responsible for completing the assignment for their upcoming grade level. Your teachers may have assigned additional work, as well, so make sure to check with your teachers before you leave for summer break! 
    Will I have time to complete the summer reading next school year?
    Your teachers will remind you about the assignment, and may provide you a small amount of time to turn your work in once the new school year starts, but you will be responsible for your traditional work at that time as well. We recommend completing your summer reading when it is intended, over the summer!
    Why am I required to do summer reading?
    Summer reading is a great way to stay up to date, informed, and engaged while on your summer break. The assignments are designed specifically for the summer vacation, and are typically not too long. Take a book along with you to the beach or on vacation and read in the sun a little!  
    Summer Reading Assignments for the 2018-2019 school year are posted below:  
    ELA Summer Reading Assignments by Grade Level:

    English 1 Honors (9th Grade) 

    English 2 Honors (10th Grade) 

    Please note that all 11th Grade students will be taking the AP Language and Composition course. There is no English 3 Honors course available for 11th grade students. 
    Advanced English Courses:

    AP Language and Composition (11th Grade)

    Advanced Social Studies Courses:

    AP Human Geography (APHUG)

    AP United States History (APUSH)  

    Learn more about the APUSH course at Mr. Hoprich's class website.

    Additional Summer Reading: