Fort Caroline School of the Arts is a Duval County Public School that enforces a mandatory uniform and appearance code.  We expect all of our students to adhere to the dress code and dress for success daily.  All uniform shirts must be ordered through the vendor “Stitches and Screens”.  The link to order is (http://shops.stitchesandscreens.com/fcmsu) and is listed on our website.



    • SHIRTS:  Students must wear a uniform shirt with the Fort Caroline Crest or Logo.  Solid color shirts without the logo are not permitted.


    • SHORTS/PANTS/SKIRTS:  Students must wear either black, khaki or grey pants, shorts, or skirts.  Shorts and skirts must be Bermuda style length (girls).

    ** No JEANS, LEGGINGS, JEGGINGS, SWEAT PANTS, OR CARGO pants/shorts will be permitted.


    • SHOES:  Students must wear closed toe shoes and have a back.  No high heels permitted.


    • OUTERWEAR:  Students may wear a Fort Caroline jacket or hoodie at any time. All other non-Fort Caroline outerwear must be worn under the student's uniform shirt.  Hoods and all other head coverings are not allowed to be worn on campus.


    • HEADCOVERINGS:  Students are NOT allowed to wear hats, hoods and head coverings of any kind. 


      • ID badges on lanyards are a part of the school uniform and must be worn around the neck at all times while on campus. IDs are checked upon entering the campus. Every student will receive one complimentary ID and lanyard at the start of the school year. 
      • Replacements are $1.00 for the first one and $5.00 for everyone thereafter
      • Fee must be paid BEFORE replacements are issued.


    Fort Caroline School of the Arts enforces the uniform policy and Duval County Public Schools Code of Appearance.  Refusal to comply with uniform/dress code policy will result in violation of the student Code of Conduct.





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