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    Duval Public Schools is partnering with Varsity Tutors for Schools to provide students with homework help, study support, and engaging instruction from live tutors in an online learning environment.

    How it works

    1. To access Varsity Tutors, log in through your Blended Learning Platform, Click the Varsity Tutors App, and sign in via  Clever.

    2. To start your tutoring session, click schedule to see your upcoming sessions. A session link will be displayed 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

    3. Work with your tutor using the shared whiteboard and collaborative tools.

    4. To complete an assessment, click Assessments and see which assessments have been assigned to you.

    5. To view past sessions, click Session Recaps and view recordings of all your tutoring sessions.

    Need help?

    Phone- (855)496-5378

    Email- schools@varsitytutors.com


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