Whitehouse Elementary

    In 1926, Whitehouse Elementary School #51 opened its doors. The original building housed five classrooms, a library, and served grades one through eight.
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    Since that time, Whitehouse has grown considerably. Located on the west side, our beautiful campus has strong roots and is growing towards the future. We have a computer lab, TV production lab, a dedicated science lab, and garden areas throughout the campus for students to explore and observe.

    A Duval Choice School

    Our staff is committed to working with students and their families as a team. Whitehouse will continue to be a standards-based school making the transition BEST Standards. Instruction will be conducted using an “I do, We do, You do” model. CHAMPS will frame our routines as we explore reading, writing, science, social studies, art, music, media, and PE. Our planning, discussions, and sessions will focus on enhancing speaking and listening, as well as writing in every subject area.   

    Strong Academics

    Whitehouse Elementary is an "C" school. 

    We maintain advance instruction within a classroom setting that meets the needs of diverse learners. 
    We provide extra coaching for writers. Extra tutoring before, after, or during school for students who need clarification of concepts, additional time on tasks, or to master a particular standard.

    Exceptional Involvement 

    Whitehouse has active parent, teacher, and community involvement and has historically been awarded the Golden School Award for exemplary volunteer programs. Whitehouse has both an active PTA and SAC committee. We encourage all to join. Community and business leaders remain dedicated to the success of our student body by sponsoring and donating to school events. 


     Character Building

     · Counseling with students individually and in small groups

     · Classroom guidance lessons on bullying, character traits, study skills and testing tips.

     · Consultation with parents, teachers and outside agencies

     · Information on special education, 504 plans and other therapies for students

     · Gifted referrals

     · Help with attendance and hospital homebound issues