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Name E-mail
Sammy Batteh battehs@duvalschools.org
Beverly Cobb cobbb@duvalschools.org
Keisha Edmonds edmondsl@duvalschools.org
Mary Bell bellm@duvalschools.org
Maria Speight lindsey-SpeightM@duvalschools.org
Bharati Devaraj devarajb@duvalschools.org
Jessica McGowens mcgowensj@duvalschools.org
Alinda Butz butza@duvalschools.org
Susan Melcolm melcolms@duvalschools.org
Arely Ubeda UbedaA@duvalschools.org
Donna Belfert BelfertD@duvalschools.org
Sara Thompson ThompsonS3@duvalschools.org
Jeff Hurst hurtsa@duvalschools.com
Name Title E-mail
Hoa Nguyen ( Amber) Coordinator, Payroll NguyenH@duvalschools.org
Kumar Shah Supervisor, Payroll ShahK@duvalschools.org
Karen Matatall Supervisor, Payroll GajewskiK@duvalschools.org
Bruce Scheeley Director, Payroll ScheeleyB@duvalschools.org