Brand & Identity Guidelines

  • Welcome to the Duval County Public Schools' logo library page. These logos are for employee and vendors use when applicable. The names, seals and official logos of Duval County Public Schools are to be used by official district and/or school board entities.

    All names, registered marks, logos and other symbols may not be altered, reconfigured or added to in any manner. All publications, videos, websites, letterhead, envelopes and business cards must comply with the district’s identity standards with respect to the official wordmarks and insignias.

    District organizations seeking to develop their own identifying logos or workdmarks must contact the Communications Department in advance, and request approval. The Communications Department reserves the right to remove, rescind or withdraw any document or publication that does not comply with district identity standards.

    All outside vendors contracted to design and print district publications or marketing materials will be provided a copy of the Duval County Public Schools identity standards in advance upon request. Please contact the Communications Department at 904-390-2126 or
     dcps logo
     dcps logo bw


    Here are the file abbreviations and format descriptions: 
    • RGB - 3 color mode, use for three color process for on screen and general document
    • CMYK - 4 color mode, use for four color process printing
    • PMS - exact color matching, use for high resolution process printing (Pantone Color Matching System)
    • BW - single color mode, Black & White image and wordmark
    • REV - single color mode, reversed insignia and wordmark (white)
    • EPS - uncompressed image file format used for high resolution printing (Encapsulated PostScript)
    • JPEG - compressed image file format for general use (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
    • TIFF - uncompressed rasterized image file format used for high resolution printing (Tagged Image File Format)
    • PNG - compressed rasterized image file format for web and screen use (Portable Network Graphics)

Style Guidelines

Low Resolution Logos

  • The following low resolution logos shall be used for applications (i.e. Microsoft Office suite), email, on screen presentations and video editing, web use, and basic document printing (i.e. inkjet, color laser).

JPEG Logos

High Resolution Logos

  • The following high resolution logos shall be used for applications (i.e. Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop), and document/collateral printing performed on high-end digital, web and offset printing presses.

EPS Logos

JPEG Logos