Science Department

    Our Mission
    To provide effective opportunities centered around contemporary, researched-based best practices that improve the quality of science instruction and learning.
    The science department is proud to offer our students standard, advanced, and high- school credit courses.
    We strive to help  students:
    • Learn how to identify and ask appropriate questions that can be answered through scientific investigations.
    • Design and conduct investigations to collect the evidence needed to answer a variety of questions.
    • Use appropriate equipment and tools to interpret and analyze data.
    • Learn how to draw conclusions and think critically and logically to create explanations based on their evidence.
    • Communicate and defend their results to their peers and others.
    —Adopted by the NSTA Board of Directors, October 2004 

    Tutoring Available:

    6th Grade Comprehensive Science 1:

    Morning and After school available by appointment Rm: 219

    7th Grade Comprehensive Science 2:

    Thursdays 4:20-5:30  Rm: 224

    8th Grade Comprehensive Science 3: Monday and Thursdays 4:20-5:30 Rm: 417

    8th Grade Biology Honors 1: Tuesdays 4:20-5:30pm Rm: 153

  • Our Teachers:
    Dept Chair: Ms. Jill Sullivan     

    6th Grade Comprehensive Sciences 1:

    Ms. J Lehner 6th Grade  Adv and GATE  


    Ms. P Bunting 6th Grade Comp Sci 1


    7th Grade Comprehensive Sciences 2:

    Mr. Rose (Avid)


    Ms. Bunting


    Mr. Neumann (GATE)


    8th Grade Comprehensive Sciences 3:

    Ms. Howard


    Mr. Neumann (GATE)


    8th Grade Biology Honors 1:

    Ms. Sullivan (GATE)


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