• Community Assessment Team 
    According to Florida Statute 1008.345, The commissioner shall assign a community assessment team to each school district or governing board with a school that earned a grade of “F” or three consecutive grades of “D” pursuant to s. 1008.34 to review the school performance data and determine causes for the low performance, including the role of school, area, and district administrative personnel. The community assessment team shall review a high school’s graduation rate calculated without GED tests for the past 3 years, disaggregated by student ethnicity. The team shall make recommendations to the school board or the governing board and to the State Board of Education which address the causes of the school’s low performance and may be incorporated into the school improvement plan. The assessment team shall include, but not be limited to, a department representative, parents, business representatives, educators, representatives of local governments, and community activists, and shall represent the demographics of the community from which they are appointed.

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