• Online Learning Requirement:
    Beginning with students entering grade 9 in the 2011-2012 school year, at least one course within the 24 credits required in this subsection Ch. 2011-137 LAWS OF FLORIDA must be completed through online learning. However, an online course taken during grades 6 through 8 fulfills this requirement. This requirement shall be met through an online course offered by the Florida Virtual School or an online dual enrollment course. 

    Students completing the IB Program of Study are exempt from this requirement.

    Students may not substitute 
    coursework required by their program of study with a virtual course.  They may, however, use online learning as an enrichment or remediation opportunity. The following applies to the length of the required course or the credit value:

    • For courses that contain two components of a half credit each, i.e. Marine Science that has two half credit components,  both components must be completed to fulfill the Online Learning requirement.
    • Courses that are a half credit by nature, i.e. Psychology or Drivers Education,  fulfill the Online Learning requirement.