•  The John M. McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

    The John M. McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Program (McKay Scholarship) is a voucher program offered to students in grades K – 12 who have either an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 Accommodation Plan that has been written to be valid for a period of greater than 6 months.

    Students who are eligible to participate in the McKay Scholarship Program may exercise three options:

     ·       They may exercise the private school option by using a voucher provided by the Florida Department of Education to enroll in a participating private school of the parent’s choice as per the list of approved participating private schools on the Florida School Choice Website

    ·         They may exercise the public school option by submitting a McKay Scholarship Program Public to Public Student Transfer Application to request an assignment to a public school in their district other than their district assigned school. (Public School Application)

    ·         They may, through an Out-of-County Release, attend a public school in another Florida School District.

    In order to be eligible for the scholarship, you must apply and meet all eligibility criteria.

    How to Apply

    • Step 1 Go to www.floridaschoolchoice.org.
    • Step 2 Click on “McKay Scholarships.”
    • Step 3 Click on “Parents.”
    • Step 4 Click on “Apply for a McKay Scholarship.”
    To Withdraw from the Scholarship
    If your child has been attending a private school through McKay Scholarship Program and would like to re-enter Duval County Public schools, you must complete the request in writing. This request can be faxed or e-mailed. (Withdrawal Request)
    McKay Scholarship Program Important Deadlines*
    2016-2017 Payment Period
     Payment Due
     Parental Intent Deadline  
    Private School Enrollment Deadline
    Attendance Verification Available Online
    Attendance Verification Deadline
    July 1-Sept 30
    September 1
     July 3
     August 2
     N/A N/A
    Oct 1-Dec 30
     November 1
     September 2
     October 2
     October 3
     October 7
    Jan 1-Feb 28
     February 1
     December 3
     January 2
     January 4
     January 10
    March 1-June 30
     April 1
     January 31
     March 2
     March 3
     March 9
    *Private schools participating in the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program must meet the deadlines set by the Scholarship Funding Organizations to receive payment.
    Please note that the deadlines for filing a parental intent and private school enrollment are statutory deadlines; therefore, the department cannot make exceptions if these deadlines are missed.

    Failure to complete attendance verification will result in a postponement of scholarship payments until the next scheduled payment period.