Legislative Agenda

  • As families strive to provide their students with the best education, it is important for them to have a full understanding of the ways to contribute to making this possible. Along with being actively involved in their child’s school, parent involvement can and should reach beyond home and even school walls.
    Families have a voice at the state and even national levels of education policy. They are encouraged to reach out to legislators and policymakers to provide feedback, express concerns, and to influence education policies that affect their schools and communities. Additionally, families are encouraged  to stay informed about the decisions being considered and made each day at the legislative level.

    Being empowered is being equipped with the knowledge, resources and tools necessary to ensure the best decisions are made to meet the educational needs of our students, contributing to our vision of preparing students for college, a career, and life.
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Duval County School Board 2024 Legislative Platform

  • Deregulation

    Traditional public schools should be afforded similar statutory flexibility and accountability requirements as other public schools to ensure maximum innovation strategies can be further utilized to increase student achievement.

      • Provide Greater Instructional Flexibility

      • Reduce Administrative Processing and Reporting

      • Provide Greater Capital Flexibility

      • Allow school districts to determine local school start times based on input from community stakeholders.




    Florida’s parents and families believe investing in our school districts is an investment in our students and Florida’s future.


      • Calculate Capital Outlay FTE for charter and traditional public schools to include all enrolled students. Currently, pre-kindergarten and virtual education students who participate in the classroom are omitted.

     Student Achievement Success Initiatives


    Public school students, parents, and families deserve to have every potential option made available to them that reflects the student’s academic performance and opens doors to their futures.


      • Create a CTE Workforce Diploma. A CTE Workforce Diploma would provide a viable education pathway for students pursuing additional workforce education.
      • Expand the use of available concordant scores for students to show that they have demonstrated the required knowledge to successfully pass the 10th Grade ELA state standardized test and the Algebra I End of Course Exam. All validated options should be available to the students (SAT, ACT, PSAT, CASAS, CLT, PERT).

      • Modify the requirements for review of media materials and elementary classroom libraries to allow review by additional instructional staff, including teachers who are certified in Elementary Education, Reading, English/Language Arts, Literature, and Media.




    Florida’s parents and families want their children to have a world-class education which requires additional investments by the state.


      • Increase the Base Student Allocation by at least 5% and provide additional flexibility. An increase would help ensure school districts can address increased costs related to innovative academic strategies for low-performing students, student transportation, teacher recruitment and retention, and cyber security.


      • Support funding the Workforce Development Capitalization Incentive Grant Program (s.1011.801, F.S.) and expand eligible programs to include elementary and middle school CTE programs.


      • Award bonuses to AP, AICE, IB and CAPE teachers based on the performance of their students should be awarded in the same manner.


      • Provide funding for full-time Prekindergarten to give every family access to a free, public, high quality, full-time program.


      • Provide PECO funding to districts for additional costs associated with building hurricane-ready for use as community shelters.