Legislative Agenda

  • As families strive to provide their students with the best education, it is important for them to have a full understanding of the ways to contribute to making this possible. Along with being actively involved in their child’s school, parent involvement can and should reach beyond home and even school walls.
    Families have a voice at the state and even national levels of education policy. They are encouraged to reach out to legislators and policymakers to provide feedback, express concerns, and to influence education policies that affect their schools and communities. Additionally, families are encouraged  to stay informed about the decisions being considered and made each day at the legislative level.

    Being empowered is being equipped with the knowledge, resources and tools necessary to ensure the best decisions are made to meet the educational needs of our students, contributing to our vision of preparing students for college, a career, and life.
    Learn about our legislative platform and email your legislative contacts about educational initiatives you care about:

Duval County School Board 2023 Legislative Platform

  • Workforce

    Parents, families, students, and staff want increased workforce career paths.

    DCSB supports legislative efforts to:

    • Explore potential categorical funding to address the need for market value wages for Career Technical Education (CTE) adjunct teachers in high-skilled/high wage fields.
    • Create and fund a statewide grant program for school districts to apply for start-up funds to develop programs for high-wage, in-demand jobs which include pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs.


    School Staff Shortage

    Florida's parents and families deserve to have the most qualified and talented staff in their schools to teach their children.

    DCSB supports legislative efforts to:

    • Change the term of temporary certification for candidates with a college degree from 3 years to 5 years providing teachers additional time to complete certification requirements.
    • Extend Senate Bill 896 (2022) which allowed military and veterans to apply for a 5-year temporary teaching certification with 60 credit hours to paraprofessionals and those pursuing education majors/minors with 60 hours of college credit and experience during the statewide critical teacher shortage.
    • Explore pathways to eliminate barriers for the re-employment of high-quality personnel (teachers and support staff) after retirement under the Florida Retirement System (FRS).


    Early Learning

    Florida parents and families want their children to have a world-class education which requires additional financial investments by the state.

    DCSB supports legislative efforts to:

    • Provide funding for full-time Prekindergarten to give every family access to a free, public, high quality, full-time program as the current 3-hour program can be a barrier for families and children who need a full-day program.


    School Choice

    Florida parents and families want district funds to be prioritized on classroom instruction.

    DCSB supports legislative efforts to:

    • Provide school districts with split funding (with Step Up for Students) to recover the costs of the administrative and clerical supports associated with the Family Empowerment Scholarship program.