• vpk faqs

     Duval VPK Most Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. How do I register for VPK next school year?

    Families must visit www.elcofduval.org to register. To register, a child must be four years old by September 1, 2018. There are no exceptions to the birth date. Families would need the following to register:

    * Access to the internet and a scanner

    * Your child's Social Security number

    * One proof of current residency: driver's license, utility bill, or paystub

    * One proof of age: birth certificate, passport, or military ID

     It will take up to five business days to receive the Certificate of Eligibility by email.

    2. How do I contact ELC?

    The phone number is 208-2044. There are also three local offices. The address are as follows:

    • Southside Office Southside Office - 650 Bowden Road, Suite 290 Jacksonville, FL 32256
    • Northside Office Pearl Plaza - 5216 North Pearl Street Jacksonville, FL 32208
    • Westside Office Kingdom Plaza 5310 - Lenox Ave; Suite 5 Jacksonville, FL 32205

    3. My child is in Head Start or how do I contact someone with Head Start?

    The number for Head Start in Duval is 423-8637.