• DCPS Grade Portal
    It is always good practice for our Stingrays to keep up with their current academic status, but sometimes there may be a need for parents to double check their student's efforts. Not only do students have the ability to log onto their grade portal account, but also parents can have their own separate log on information.
    For students here it the manner in which students can log onto the grade portal: 
    Student will use the 8-digit number that is listed on his or her badge and precede it with the lower case "s"          
                 Example:  s########
    The password is 8 characters long using the following information -  
             Capital first letter of  first name              Example:  Donna = D
             Two digits for day of birth                      Example:  July 4th = 04 
             Lower case first letter of last name          Example:  Mathis = m
             Last four digits of student social security number 
    So to log on, a student would use the above information in the following manner:
              Username:  s72361590 
              Password:   D04m2363 
    For parents:  At Open House, parents can pick up their log on information from the Grade Portal table. If you are not able to attend Open House, you can pick up your log on information from the front office. In either case, the parent needs to show a valid, picture ID in order to receive the information. 
    Best Practices:  Proactive parents could have their student show how he/she is able to get onto the Grade Portal. This is a great opportunity for student and parent to dialogue about goal-setting for the school year.  
    NOTE:  Parents can have their own access code that is connected to their student's account.  For more information, click this link