Resiliency Education picture of students linking arms

School Connect

  •  School-Connect:  A program for boosting students' social, emotional and academic skills. School-Connect seeks to foster academic engagement, enhance social and emotional competencies, reduce risk behaviors, and facilitate supportive relationships within high school and middle school (6th Grade) communities. The ultimate goal is to prepare adolescents for adulthood both personally and professionally.

Calm Classroom


    Calm Classroom is a 3-minute scripted breathing, stretching, focusing and relaxation techniques can be led by teachers and students, and are suitable for all learning styles and physical abilities. 

    Calm Classroom combines the power of mindfulness with the research-backed benefits of brain breaks to inspire school communities to...

    Cultivate the daily practice of caring for one’s own mental and emotional well-being. Connect as a classroom community around a shared mindfulness routine. Develop a friendly self-awareness of one’s own mind, body and emotions. Learn to calm the nervous system. Strengthen mental focus.

Second Step

  • Second Step teaches students social and emotional skills to help them succeed in school and in life. Second Step units are designed to improve children’s skills in three general areas that are central to healthy social-emotional development. In the Empathy Training unit, children are taught the empathy skills needed to identify emotions and to recognize possible causes of the emotions that occur in their interactions with others. The Impulse Control and Problem-Solving unit, teaches children to respond to social interactions thoughtfully rather than impulsively. They learn problem-solving steps that promote a neutral rather than hostile orientation toward peers. The Anger Management unit teaches children how to manage their own anger constructively. The middle school level includes units on Bullying Prevention and Substance Abuse Prevention.

Sanford Harmony

  • Harmony equips students in grades pre-K-6 to practice vital social and emotional skills, pursue academic and personal goals with confidence, and build positive friendships and relationships.  


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