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    What does it take to get into the NHS? What are the criteria used? What are my obligations once admitted to remain in good standing? Get all of these questions and more answered in the NHS Bylaws

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    National Latin Honor Society
    Requirements for induction into the National Latin Honor Society:

    1. Students must be members of the National Junior Classical League and the Florida Junior Classical League.  These are the sponsoring organizations.  Students must join Latin Club and pay dues in order to become members of those two organizations.
    2. Students are inducted each spring  for each Latin course in which they have maintained an ‘A” average   (computed on  a yearly,not a semster, basis.)
    3. Students must complete the yearly service project.
    4. Students who achieve an “A” average in Latin III orabove are eligible to wear   an honor cord at graduation and to have their  names in the graduation program designated with the National Latin Honor Society number.

    International Thespian Society

    The International Thespian Society is a world-wide honor society for high-school drama students.  It was founded more than 80 years ago, and counts among its lifetime membership many well-known theater artists, including Oscar winner Tom Hanks, Emmy winner John Goodman, Wicked songwriter Stephen Schwartz, and even – gasp! – Madonna.

    Students must earn Thespian membership through excellent work in the theater.  Credit is recorded on sheets that the troupe director keeps.  Stanton’s troupe records are kept by Mr. Grove in Portable 805.  Students who wish to set up records of their credit should make an appointment with Mr. Grove; these appointments take place after school and last about 15-20 minutes.

    Thespian membership is earned through a point system where each point represents at least 10 hours’ worth of work on one particular theater production or activity.  In order to be-come a member, you must meet all four of the requirements listed below.

    1.  You must earn a minimum of ten points.
    2.  At least five of your ten points for membership must be earned by working on
      Stanton productions or in Stanton theater activities.  Up to five points may be earned from theater work outside of Stanton, but you will be required to pro-vide proof of that work.  If you have a Junior Thespian membership card from middle school, five points can be recorded automatically toward high-school Thespian membership.
    3.  You must record credit for involvement in two full-length productions, or four one-
      act productions, or one full-length production and two one-act productions.
    4.  In the productions credited for the third requirement, your work must come from at least two different areas among the following: acting, production (mostly back-stage jobs), business (publicity, programs, ushering, etc.), directing (which can in-clude work with choreography or music direction besides traditional direction), and writing.

    After a student becomes a Thespian, various honors may be earned for additional work in the theater.  Up to four Honor Stars may be earned for ten points apiece.  A grand total of 60 points earns a student the title of Honor Thespian, a grand total of 120 points earns a student the title of National Honor Thespian, and a grand total of 180 points earns a student the title of International Honor Thespian.

    See Mr. Grove as soon as possible to make an appointment to start your Thespian re-cord.  All points must be recorded during the grading period in which they were earned, so new students should set up their records immediately.  For returning students, a grace period will allow you to record old points up through the end of the first nine weeks this school year (2008-09) only.

    National Spanish Honor Society

    Stanton College Prep Spanish Honor Society
    Sor Juana de Inés de la Cruz Chapter

    Statement of Purpose
    The purpose of the Stanton Spanish Honor Society is to recognize the high achievement of its members in their study of the Spanish Language. It serves to encourage and cultivate members’ interests in both the Spanish Language and culture with monthly meetings, service projects and cultural activities. In recognition of members’ dedication to the organization and their study of Spanish, a SHS honor cord will be presented to senior members at graduation.
    The cord will be in the Society’s colors, red and yellow.

    Membership Requirements, Costs
    Candidates must have completed or will be completing Spanish III or higher.
    Candidates must maintain a GPA or 3.5 or higher in their Spanish courses and be recommended by their Spanish III, IV or V teacher.
    Candidates pay a one-time initiation fee of $5.00 to the National Organization.
    Dues each year after Induction are $15.00.


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