• Healthy School Teams
    As of July 2014, there were changes in the USDA Competitive Food Regulations (Smart Snacks) and Florida Rule (FDACS 5p-1.003) that require all schools to have Healthy School Teams that minimally consist of students, parents, food service program staff, administration and physical education teachers.  

    The Healthy School Team has three primary purposes at this time:

    • Plan and implement wellness activities during the school year
    • Monitor food sales fundraising activity at the school - see below for more information
    • Communicate and encourage participation in district-wide and community wellness events/programs throughout the school year 
    Food Sales Fundraising 
    In regard to Food Sales Fundraising, Healthy School Teams are responsible for the following:
    • Ensure compliance with the Smart Snacks Rule in their school;
    • Maintain a school calendar of approved, exempted school fundraisers; and
    • Reporting school’s compliance with the Smart Snacks Rule to the Local Educational Agency (LEA) official or LEA official responsible for compliance with LEA wellness policy.
    What does this mean?
    The Healthy School Team must be notified of all food sales fundraising activity and make sure it is in compliance with District, State and Federal guidelines.  Within DCPS, no food sales fundraising is allowed on school campuses between the hours of midnight until 30 minutes after the end of the school day, unless it meets nutrition guidelines (located in the document to the right of the page). Additionally, if a food sales fundraiser that meets nutrition guidelines is offered, it cannot be held until 30 minutes after the last scheduled lunch period.   
    During 2014-15, schools were allowed to apply for exemptions for infrequent fundraisers. For the 2015-16 school year, per the April 7, 2015 DCPS Board meeting, exemptions will no longer be granted. Therefore, the school calendar of food sales fundraisers will not include exempted fundraisers.  
    The LEA official responsible for compliance with LEA wellness policy is District Wellness. Reporting/updating the Healthy School Team roster and maintaining communication with District Wellness regarding food sales fundraising activity is essential in order to be in compliance. Questions regarding the food sales fundraising can be sent to the Food Service Office, 904-732-5145 or email  foodservice@duvalschools.org.
    For more information, see the documents listed below and located on the right side of this page:
    USDA Competitive Food Regulations (Smart Snacks) and associated Florida Administrative Rule (FDACS 5p-1.003) Summary of Changes
    Food Sales Fundraising - Smart Snacks Rule - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) developed to assist schools and school related organizations in understanding how to approach food sales fundraising within Duval County Public Schools
    April 7, 2015 DCPS Board Meeting Agenda item addressing the change in the DCPS policy and procedures regarding food sales fundraising