Gold Key winning designs by art students in Duval County
  • DCPS - Visual Art Curriculum, CAST, IPDP

    All Curriculum Guides and Instructional Resources have been moved to OneNote

    • DCPS teachers can access these materials internally via OneNote or SharePoint.
    • Once you select SharePoint, scroll down to find the Visual and Performing Arts Icon.
    • Open the Notebook, then select "Open in OneNote" in the center of the top of the notebook screen.
    • This will open the desktop version of OneNote.
    • The Desktop version will automatically update with changes made throughout the year and navigation links will work where they will not in the online version.
    Within the Visual and Performing Arts Notebook, look for the following tabs to access the visual art curriculum:
    Elementary Art
    Middle School Art
    High School Art 
    You are welcome and able to access the curriculum for Elementary, Middle, and or High School as well as the various courses within these pages.
    Once within one of these tabbed pages, you will find a home page for each course, curriculum guides for each quarter, instructional resources, textbook resources, resources for adapting lessons for students with special needs, and art resources associated with art workshops held throughout the year.
    These courses are building continually, so if you see an addition needed, reach out to Debbie Canoura.  

Unify & Data Resources

  • The DCPS Data & Assessment Team has created a variety of webinars and videos demonstrating how to use the wealth of resources available to teachers for creating assessments for the classroom and using assessment data to plan and structure lessons or units of study. 

    Visit their Tutorial & Webinar Page to review and enjoy!