•  Drill
    Drill Team 
    Drill teaches precision, discipline, and leadership to the cadets involved. Our drill team consists of several teams under a number of categories either at the squad or platoon level. Platoons contain a formation of 12 cadets plus the commander, a total of 13. Squads contain usually up to 10 people, but can have as few as 7 people. These different formations compete in the following events at each drill competition.


    Exhibition Drill consists of the cadets doing whatever they like in a given area executing various movements with demilitarized weapons. They may do anything as long as it is in a militaristic manner. This consists of throwing, spinning and exchanging the weapons throughout a 6-9 minute performance.  the state level.


    Regulation Drill is where the cadets on each team march around in a given area executing a set list of commands. It involves the armed and unarmed categories. The armed formations use demilitarized weapons and execute various movements while marching. The unarmed formations do not use weapons.