• Tech Admin Bldg.
    Tech Admin Bldg.
  •  Facilities Maintenance & Contracted Services Staff
    129 King St. , Jacksonville, FL. 32204 
    Phone 904-858-6300  Fax  858-6301
    The Facilities-Maintenance and Contracted Service staff provide the following Support Services:

    ·         Administrative support for the entire district-wide Maintenance operation

    ·         The district’s energy program and mechanical projects group

    ·         The DCPS management of the GCA Custodial Contract

    ·         Management and ownership for over 30 of the district’s service contracts that directly or

               indirectly support maintenance operation

                o   Pest control

                o   Contracted Grounds

                o   Dumpsters

                o   Back flow and fire sprinklers

                o   Etc.

    The staff that follows is shown with the general service area but are an outstanding resource

    that can lead you successfully to any related service contact.


    Executive Director, Plant Services -  Tarek Ghandour  ghandourt@duvalschools.org 
     Director, Plant Services - Heather Connor ConnorH@duvalschools.org

      Support Technician - Robin Phillips  phillipsr@duvalschools.org
     Support Technician - Joy Stolte  StolteJ@duvalschools.org
    Director, Facilities Energy - Susan Carew   carews@duvalschools.org
                 EMCS Project Analyst - Tim Norman  normant@duvalschools.org
     EMCS Project Analyst - Roy Collins  collinsr3@duvalschools.org
     EMCS Project Analyst - Mason Cooper  cooperm@duvalschools.org 
            Supervisor, Contract Management - Heather Connor connorh@duvalschools.org
                                 Secretary II - Brenda Burke   BurkeB1@duvalschools.org                             
     Coordinator, Contract Management - Garfield Rhoden  rhodeng@duvalschools.org
    Coordinator, Contract Management - Steve Berges  bergesS@duvalschools.org
    Inspector, Contract Compliance - John McKean     MckeanJ@duvalschools.org
     Inspector, Contract Compliance - Dennis Steele   SteeleD@duvalschools.org
    Roofing & Construction Technician  - David E. Strickland  StricklandD@duvalschools.org
    Roofing & Construction Technician - Mitch Roberts  robertsr1@duvalschools.org
     Administrative Clerk  - James Dagenais   dagenaisj@duvalschools.org

Facilities Maintenance & Contracted Services

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