• Tech Admin Bldg.
    Tech Admin Bldg.
  •  Facilities Maintenance & Contracted Services Staff
    129 King St. , Jacksonville, FL. 32204 
    Phone 904-858-6300  Fax  858-6301
    The Facilities-Maintenance and Contracted Services staff provide the following Support Services:

    ·         Administrative support for the entire district-wide Maintenance operation

    ·         The district’s energy program and mechanical projects group

    ·         The DCPS management of the HES Custodial Contract

    ·         Management and ownership for over 30 of the district’s service contracts that directly or

               indirectly support maintenance operation

                o   Pest control

               o   Dumpsters

                o   Back flow and fire sprinklers


    The staff that follows is shown with the general service area but are an outstanding resource

    that can lead you successfully to any related service contact.


    Executive Director, Maintenance -  Tarek Ghandour  ghandourt@duvalschools.org 
     Director, Maintenance - Heather Connor connorh@duvalschools.org

      Director, Facilities Energy - Will Sacarelos    sacarelosw@duvalschools.org
    Support Technician - Robin Phillips  phillipsr@duvalschools.org
     Support Technician - Joy Stolte  stoltej@duvalschools.org
                  EMCS Project Analyst - Tim Norman  normant@duvalschools.org
     EMCS Project Analyst - Roy Collins  collinsr3@duvalschools.org
     EMCS Project Analyst - Mason Cooper  cooperm@duvalschools.org 
            Supervisor, Contract Management - Anthony Fantauzzi fantauzzia@duvalschools.org
    Supervisor, Food Service - John Zydzik zydzikj@duvalschools.org
                                 Secretary II - Brenda Burke   BurkeB1@duvalschools.org                             
     Coordinator, Contract Management - Garfield Rhoden  rhodeng@duvalschools.org
    Inspector, Contract Compliance - Marcum Wilkes     wilkesm1@duvalschools.org
    Coordinator, Contract Management - Reginald Newton   newtonr1@duvalschools.org
    Coordinator, Contract Management - Terri Lemon-Scott   lemon-scottt@duvalschools.org
    Roofing & Construction Technician  - David E. Strickland  StricklandD@duvalschools.org
    Roofing & Construction Technician - Mitch Roberts  robertsr1@duvalschools.org


Facilities Maintenance & Contracted Services

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