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School Health Services
Lois Dyal
DCPS Nurse Manager
Kelli Bissell
Medical Director
Heather Crowley
Director of Wellness

School Health Services includes a School Health Physician and Nursing Services from registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and other heath service personnel that are both directly employed through the school district and contracted through the Florida Department of Health - Duval County (DOH-DC).  The School Health Physician serves as a consultant to the district on matters related to school health. DCPS Nurses provide direct care to students with specific health needs, and DOH-DC Nurses provide a variety of nursing services to district schools. School health services personnel provide various health and wellness related resources that can be shared within our school communities and worksites. 

Please note:
To view the current School Health Services Plan, click 2016-2018 School Health Services Plan
The School Health Services Manual is divided into section and can be accessed by clicking on the left side of this page. There are periodic changes in School Health Services procedures, which are updated as needed.
For more information regarding Student Health Screening, click on left side of the page.
Important 2016-17 Start of School Year documents as listed below, please click, download and print as needed:

2016 Summer Medication Administration Record (MAR)
2016-17 Medication Administration Record (MAR)
2016-17 Health Room/Clinic Illness and Injury Log
2016-17 Student Health Questionnaire
2016-17 Medication Administration Authorization
2016-17 Immunization Requirements Guidelines
2016-17 Department of Health-Immunization and School Health Physical Clinic Information
2016-17 Emergency Contact and Authorization for Release

Rugiatu Mansaray
Registered Nurse Consultant
Florida Department of Health
Duval County
Melissa Kicklighter
Supervisor of Wellness 
Lois Dyal                                                                                   Kelli Bissell 
Nurse Manager                                                                           Medical Director
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