Area Advisory Council (AAC)

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  • Area Advisory Council 

    Each school shall belong to an Area Advisory Council (AAC).  Representatives to the Area Advisory Council shall be the principal and the SAC chair or their designees.  AACs shall elect their own chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretary.  AACs shall create their own set of bylaws and are governed by the Sunshine Law.  The purpose of the AAC is to facilitate communication among the schools in each feeder pattern.  The principal of the high school in the area SAC feeder pattern shall be responsible for assuring that the AAC is meeting the required quarterly minimum of meetings. 

    The Area Advisory Council Chairman and Area Advisory Council Secretary are responsible for keeping accurate, complete minutes.  An electronic copy of the minutes should be provided, in a timely manner, to the Office of School Improvement no later than the 10th of the month following the meeting by emailing  The lead principal for the area will provide support in this area as needed.