• Sample School SAC Website 

    The following items could appear on the SAC page for each school.

     General information about SAC information (refer to the SAC handbook)

    • SAC Meeting Notices - meetings are governed by the Sunshine Law.  Each meeting, by law, has to be public noticed.
    • SAC minutes that have been voted on and approved
    • SAC Bylaws for the current year
    • SAC Roster (redact student names)
    • SAC Meeting Agendas 
    • Any other SAC information the SAC would like to provide to the public – make sure personally identifiable student information is not published on the web.  
    • Make sure the principal approves all content that goes on the website
    A great SAC website sample is Mandarin High School.  Click here http://www.duvalschools.org/domain/6021 to check out their SAC page.