• About our Vice Principal - Ms. Jamie Johnson
    1. Where are you from? (Ms.Valenti’s class) I was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL.
    2. Do you have any children? How old are they? (Mrs.Barr’s class) Yes. Jia is 11 years old.
    3. Do you like being an assistant principal? (Mrs.Williams Pre-K) II love it!
    4. What college did you attend? (Ms.Valenti’s class)  Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (Bachelors in Elementary Education), University of North Florida (MA in Ed. Leadership)
    5. Do you like our new school uniforms? Why or why not? (Ms.Gonzalez’ class) Yes. I love the school uniforms.  The create a sense of pride with the school.
    6. “Oh the places we’ll go Ms.Hill!” But where is your favorite place to go? (Mrs.Robinson’s class)  My favorite place to go is the Caribbeans.  The water is so serene and beautiful.
    7. What is your favorite movie? (Mrs.Haslem’s class)  I don't have a favorite movie.  I really enjoyed the movie " A Beautiful Mind" about a mathematician.
    8. Do you like gold? (Ms.Gonzalez’ class-Jas’sher) I love gold.  Who doesn't?
    9. When is your birthday? (Mrs.Brass-Karran 4th/5th grade CSS) July 20th 
    10. What is your favorite animal? (Mrs.Brass-Karran 4th/5th grade CSS) I love dogs and had a dog growing up named Mitzi.  She loved peppermints and having her belly rubbed.  I'd like to get a Bichon Frise in the near future.