• Academic Honesty

    Each student has the responsibility to uphold the highest standard of academic integrity in their work and shall be responsible for abiding by the academic honor code at all times. Plagiarism will not be tolerated at Southside Middle School. All students will be required to produce their own work and provide proper credit, citation, or reference for work used in written assignments, projects, or other tasks given to students by their teachers.

    Teachers will encourage students to follow proper procedures when doing research for assignments/tasks given to them.


    Academic Honor Code

    Students will not:

    • fraudulently deceive or
    • copy another student’s work
    • share answers with other students during a test
    • borrow another student’s homework to copy
    • visually scan another student’s answers during a test or individual assignment
    • use the internet for plagiarism (including cutting and pasting) or designing power points
    • write answers on hands or small sheets of paper to use during testing